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Gabrielle Mollo Hartley | Attorney


Most legal matters have traditionally been handled through litigation, i.e., lawyers appear in court and argue before a judge.  Collaborative law is a relatively new approach to settling complex matters in a private forum.   It is a respectful way for you and your spouse to financially separate from one another and to figure out a parenting plan, without involving the legal system until the terms of the resolution are complete. 

If you choose collaborative law, you and your spouse will each be represented by separate counsel who will work together thoughtfully and carefully, to arrive at a settlement that works for your family. Divorce is never an easy process; however, the collaborative law process is often more civilized and respectful, and less costly. 

You and your spouse will  openly and fully exchange information without time-consuming litigation.  Most important, all decisions are made by you and your spouse, not by someone outside the relationship, such as a judge.  With collaborative law, you never see a judge until the day your agreement is absolutely final (if at all). 

Attorney Gabrielle Hartley’s extensive experience in the practice of collaborative law provides you with a zealous advocate who will negotiate a respectful settlement which addresses both parties’ priorities and simultaneously seeks to ensure the security and financial stability that you, and, in many cases, your children, need.