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Gabrielle Mollo Hartley | Attorney


There are certain cases that require the litigation process, i.e., lawyers appearing in court and arguing before a judge.  Sometimes one party is unwilling to be forthcoming and honest.  Other times parties are unwilling to compromise or unable to see things from another’s point of view.  In those cases, mediation and collaborative law are usually inappropriate because one or more parties may not be truly committed to the process. 

As a present litigator and former Court Attorney (Assistant to the Judge) Attorney Hartley has extensive experience in divorce litigation.  If you believe neither mediation nor collaborative law is appropriate, Attorney Hartley will serve as your zealous advocate throughout the litigation process.  She will advocate on your behalf both in and out of court to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you are left with the financial security and stability you seek.

It is worth noting that many divorces proceed through a traditional litigation approach, but are settled before ever going to court.  Typically, both spouses and their lawyers meet to identify disagreements and issues to resolve.  There is usually a series of meetings and discussions between the two lawyers, and between the clients and their lawyers, to reach an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties.  This settlement can then be filed with the court, without a judge making decisions about the terms or outcome of the case.