Divorce Support for You And Your Family.

There is an old saying that says marriage is not a bed of roses.

This statement is arguable, but the truth of the matter is in marriage, there are bound to be issues that can potentially cause you to drift from your partner. Infidelity is often one of the reasons why many married couples part ways. Sometimes marriages can just run out of steam, making the couples lose their emotional connection. Lack of emotional connection can slowly drift you apart. If your marriage is on the rocks and it reaches a point where going separate ways seems to be inevitable, remember there is a better way to end it.


While it’s understandable to get bitter or angry, you should not allow the emotions to get the better of you to drive you to act unreasonably.

Admittedly, it’s not easy to part ways with a person you have spent time together with, not to mention the emotional distress it brings to the children. Are you considering divorcing your partner? Divorce support is available today in various outlets. Here are four tips on how to file for divorce amicably and thus make the process smooth.

Have a Checklist

Here is a divorce checklist showing key things you should consider before filing.

  • Understand the process
  • How can you describe your relationship with your partner? Can both of you cooperate to make the process less stressful?
  • Contact experienced family lawyers or accountants.
  • Take note of the timelines.
  • Discuss with your partner about living arrangements during and after divorce.
  • Come up with a list detailing your children’s needs, including their schooling, health, and wellbeing.
  • Talk to your family lawyer regarding parenting.
  • Create a list of all your assets and liabilities.
  • Think about how you can fairly divide the assets and liabilities between you and your partner.
  • Map out how you plan to meet living expenses, including health expenses.
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Understand Different Ways of Handling your Discord

Find the divorce support you need.

No matter how quickly you may want the case to be determined, you may have to wait a little longer as depending on where you life the law may require that you demonstrate that you have been separated from your partner for 12 months. The period can vary depending on which country you live in or depending on certain circumstances.


There are different ways in which you can separate from your partner. One method you can explore is Do It Yourself, whereby you make an agreement about your separation by yourself. This can work well if you and your partner are understanding and have a cordial relationship. However, this method is not legally binding. If your partner changes their mind, you will go back to the drawing board. Besides, you may disenfranchise yourself if you are not aware of your rights, thereby agreeing to something that is unfavorable to you.


It’s therefore advisable to consult your family lawyer who is well versed with family law to advise you accordingly. A family lawyer can help you know your legal rights, custody of the children, financial implications, and any financial contribution you or your partner may be entitled to. Alternatively, you can look for a mediator to guide you through the process. If things still don’t work out, you can go to a family court to help you separate.

Support Your Children Emotionally


Children can be severely tormented when their parents part ways. They may feel as if the whole world is crumbling. You need to reassure them that you still love them and you will continue taking care of them. You need to tell them what is happening, especially if they have matured. You also need to help your children grieve by encouraging them to share their feelings. By empathizing with your children, you will be lessening the agony, and you will face little opposition from them.

Get Support Network

It is not a simple thing for a couple to quit the marriage. To some people, it can be a difficult pill to swallow. You may feel humiliated, traumatized, and stressed over the whole issue. Some people may even try to point an accusing finger, blaming you for the failed marriage. They say a problem shared is half resolved. In such difficult moments, it is imperative to look for people you can vent your feelings to or a person who can encourage you. It can be your close friends, a therapist, teacher, relative or spiritual leader. Talking to people will help you easily cope with the situation. 


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Oliver Ferguson is the partnership manager at Savannah Legal. He works with expert barristers and solicitors at the family law department to provide the best legal solutions and offer the best possible outcome to our clients. You can follow him on Twitter: OliverF_Legal

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