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Inspired Patent Summit for Single Parents 

It was so great speaking with Mary on the Inspired Patent Summit for Single Parents!

Receive the secret sauce to move forward through and beyond divorce or separation with grace and ease. As promised, your “survive and thrive” free give-away bundles three special take-aways just for you.

BONUS: If you’re going through a separation, you may be struggling with finances after divorce. A great way to begin to address this is to take stock in what you have, what you owe, what you earn and what you spend. If you’re looking for a budget sheet to help you with finances after divorce, look no further. A budget is what you need to kick start your financial wellness after divorce. It can be a struggle to get started but once you begin, you will be able to get clarity. With clarity, you can begin to make a clear plan for yourself and for your family. Finances after divorce are best handled slowly and with care. Learn more about finances after divorce here.

If you are needing some assistance navigating particular issues or are looking to learn more about mediation, you can learn more here.

P.S. Want more tools and resources to stay positive during a divorce? Download my Free Divorce Survive & Thrive Kit below!



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