The Book That Changed The Face of Divorce


While many of us may be better together,
some of us can actually become BETTER APART

“Potent, accessible tools for your family and your future.”


New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of GOOP


What if you emerged from your divorce stronger and more resilient than ever before? Better Apart; The Radically Positive Way to Separate is the first book to apply the life-changing, healing wisdom of meditation and yoga, combined with practical advice, to help anyone going through the painful and seemingly intractable realities of divorce.

Gabrielle Hartley, Esq.  has more than 25 years experience as a divorce professional and can help you compassionately part from your partner.

Whether your separation is amicable, or your ex is combative, Better Apart; The Radically Positive Way to Separate can help you find peace, calm, and hope. Blending practical advice from a legal perspective together with spiritual wisdom, Gabrielle and Elena are experts and realists who have created a simple five-step process that uses original meditations, perspective-shifting exercises, and fresh suggestions to help you get through your divorce.

Better Apart; The Radically Positive Way to Separate radically reframes the way couples experience, execute, and recover from when “for better or worse” is no longer an option and helps you find the road to a new mindset and better life.

The first half of this book, which contains the exercises you will need to get through are also available through an online platform.  The second half of the book contains practical tips to help you navigate process, money, co-parenting and so much more.








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Gabrielle has always been practical and straightforward in her approach to solving problems. She is, in her practice, as her book recommends you find for yourself, an intelligent, adaptable, savvy and a strong negotiator.

Through her thoughtful lens as a veteran experienced attorney/ mediator Gabrielle offers insights that will support you divorcing in a graceful manner. The information and tips in this book are invaluable to people thinking about divorcing.

Ken Potash Esq,
Partner, Perelmutter, Potash and Ginzberg, P.C. Seymour, CT

When I first met Gabrielle, I was immediately drawn to both her powerful positive energy and quick witted intelligence. Dedicated to making divorce a better process she has created methods and tools that are relevant for the era we are living in today. Blending her knowledge of the law with a spiritual flair she has uncovered and discovered a modern twist on how to make seperation a journey of moving forward and never looking back. Her book, Better Apart; The Radically Positive Way to Separate, clearly represents her passion to offer brilliant content and forward thinking methods, on how to live happily while navigating a divorce.

P. F.

Potent, accessible tools for you and your family.

-Gwyneth Paltrow
New York Times Bestselling Author, Actress and Founder of GOOP

Better Apart is a great book to navigate life and infuse it with balance and calm. While happily married myself, I have recommended Gabrielle’s book to many friends going through the hardship of divorce. I have also had occasion to refer Gabrielle to friends going through divorce. Her thoughtful demeanor and vast expertise make her a great choice during difficult times.

A. T.

“Think of it as the ‘conscious uncoupling’ how-to.”

“Addressing the practical, emotional, and spiritual, Better Apart is a major paradigm shifter. As a child of divorce, the lessons within this book resonated deeply with me, and I’m hopeful for the future of separating families who’ll have access to this wisdom.”
—Kate Northrup, bestselling author of Money: A Love Story

“By encouraging parents to forget perfection and establish clear rules and workable schedules, this book demonstrates that some families can truly be better apart.”

—Dr. Sharon Saline, clinical psychologist and author of What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew

“Better Apart is my top recommendation for anyone who is wrestling with the ‘divorce’ question but feeling shame or fear around it. Gabrielle sets out a doable approach to not just survive divorce, but to thrive emotionally, financially, and spiritually in life after separation. Her thoughtful but practical book lays out a roadmap for using crisis as a unique opportunity for mindful living and personal growth. An amicable divorce truly is possible, and Gabrielle lays out the steps to get there without sacrificing your well-being.”
—Erin Levin, Esq. CFLS, CEO of Hello Divorce and Levine Family Law Group

“Gabrielle and Elena provide a warm and thoughtful approach to divorce that includes both legal wisdom and healthy psychological principles. Their discussion of custody and co-parenting leads you on the path toward a calmer and happier future for you and your children.”
—Robyn Landow, PhD, psychologist and parenting coordinator

“Gabrielle inspires and educates with a practical, accessible approach, empowering readers to think beyond blame, shame, and anger, and instead focus on personal growth, financial integrity, and a peaceful reorganization of the family unit. This book is a must read for those looking for a roadmap to a better, happier, healthier life post-divorce.”
—Marcelle Kott, Esq., Partner, Berger Schatz, Chicago, Illinois


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A moment of peace in a moment of chaos is possible.

Build on the moments.


The Radically Positive Way
to Separate

Gabrielle Hartley with Elena Brower

Available on Amazon

“Potent, accessible tools for your family and your future.”
— Gwyneth Paltrow, New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of GOOP



DISCLAIMER: The commentary, advice, and opinions from Gabrielle Hartley are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice or mental health services. You should contact an attorney and/or mental health professional in your state to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.


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